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28. October 2018

Cello Akademie Rutesheim 2018

(...) to take part during the Exhibition of luthiers this year during the Cello Akademie Rutesheim 2018.

26. September 2018

Kronberg Cello Masterclasses & Concerts 2018

(...) again a booth at the Violin Makers' Exhibition.

13. July 2018

New Directions Cello Festival Köln 2018

during this exceptional festival for the first time (...)


Perpetual for Violin

Thanks to innovative materials and adopting new, carefully matched production methods, the development of Pirastro Perpetual resulted in a string set with a character not yet found in our product family. Within our range of violin strings, Pirastro Perpetual provides the largest sound volume and carrying power combined with a precisely focused sound projection. The clarity of its sound, however, does not diminish the abundance of colours Perpetual offers. Its vibrant tone attack and optimal string response seamlessly complement Perpetuals sound qualities from extreme fortissimo to the most sensitive whisper.
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11. April 2018

Musikmesse 2018 Frankfurt/Main, Germany

Pirastro will be exhibiting this year in the following hall: (...)

15. March 2018

ASTA 2018, Atlanta GA, USA

For the fifth straight year Pirastro strings was very proud to exhibit and sponsor at the 2018 American String Teachers Association (...)

01. February 2018

Winter NAMM 2018, Anaheim CA, USA

For the fifth straight year Pirastro Strings was extremely busy (...)

Austrian Master Classes 2018

For many years now, Pirastro has been financially supporting this fantastic initiative for young musicians. (...)

10. December 2017

Cello Akademie Rutesheim 2017

The Cello Akademie Rutesheim 2017 has provided the platform for an exchange without borders. A comparatively "young" event (...)


Pirastro KorfkerRest Model 2 for Violine

The KorfkerRest® now comes with the ErgoPack. It allows even more adjustments to suit the individual player and instrument. Optimized rubber feet provide exceptional security with an unmatched adhesive grip on the instrument. Improved rubber pads increase comfort and durability. The number of replacement pads has been raised from 2 to 4 pieces.
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Pirastro KorfkerRest for Viola

The KorfkerRest® for Viola is available from Dezember 2017. It provides all the features of the newly optimized Violin Model 2. It can be adjusted to any size of viola.
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30. September 2017

Kronberg Academy Festival 2017

(...) again a booth at the Violin Makers' Exhibition.

10. June 2017

ISB 2017 Convention, Ithaca, New York

Pirastro Strings would like to thank Madeline, Allegra, and everyone else at the International Society of Bassists for making this years convention a memorable one. (...)


Evah Pirazzi Platinum E-String for Violin

Our new Platinum-E provides the violinist with an immense abundance of sound colors, an overtone-rich radiance to its large warm core tone, and a wide sound projection.
It exerts a "suggestive force" and "Just listen! This E is undoubtedly the new benchmark!"
The transitions from the A to the E are designed to be effortless without any breaks. This coupled with the perfect response of our Platinum-E helps create an experience of new freedom in the sound design.
The surface of the platinum coating provides the pleasant feeling of stability under the fingers of the left hand, which greatly benefits changes in position and vibrato.
It blends harmoniously with all Pirastro violin strings, from Obligato to Evah Pirazzi and Passione to Evah Pirazzi Gold.
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Evah Pirazzi Gold - Viola C Rope Core/Tungsten

Additionally to our viola EVAH PIRAZZI GOLD set we developed a C string made of a high-precision steel rope cable which is wound with a fine tungsten wire. Very powerful and dark sound color with a lot of depth and brilliance. This new C string reacts to the smallest bow strokes and each bow stroke is instantly converted into a very harmonious sound image.
The new steel rope core C of course fits well with the existing EVAH PIRAZZI GOLD strings, but also beautifully harmonizes with other Pirastro viola strings.
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