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Perpetual Cello Strings



The individual strings

A-string: The tone is clear for the first few minutes, then gently settles into a full, round, and lush dark timbre. A string that truly touches with its warm mellow tone.

D-string: A »strong« string with incredible depth and volume. Full of body and abundant power; always warm and strong. Delightfully easy to play.

G-string: A string that wants to be tamed, inspiring the cellist and giving the entire set a more brilliant and a tempestuous sound. A focussed tone with a colourful spectre and warm undertone.

C-string: Sonorous and deep, yet direct and clear. Very large volume. Even with the smallest of bow movements you can still hear the keynote. Long sustaining power and impressively precise sound.

The sets

The sound of the Perpetual Medium set is crystal clear and precise, powerful and grand. Each string responds easily and directly. This is especially impressive with the G- and C-strings which respond immediate to the lightest bow techniques.

The Perpetual Soloist set: For even more power and dynamics we offer the G- and C-strings in a Soloist version. In combination with the Medium A- and D-strings the sound gains radiance, brilliance, volume and presence. The ideal combination of brilliant fundamentals and soloist directness.


Tailpiece Options

  • Medium: A- and D-steel/chrome steel medium,
    G- and C-rope core/tungsten medium

  • Soloist: A- and D-steel/chrome steel medium,
    G- and C-rope core/tungsten Soloist

  • All strings have a ball-end.



  • Perpetual strings are available in 4/4.

  • Cadenza: G, C
    With their pleasant string tension, the Perpetual Cadenza G- and C-strings inspire the player with an even lighter response without a compromise in volume and projection. The tone is pure and clear with brilliance, depth, and power which opens up many possibilities to create new sound colors for the discerning cellist.
    Due to the lower tension of the Perpetual Cadenza G & C the cello is noticeably relieved which can allow it to open up and unfold freely. The A- and D-strings will thereby gain presence by allowing them to vibrate very easily while maintaining the basic sound characteristic which is dynamic and warm.
    Perpetual Cadenza G & C are suitable for older Italian as well as new instruments, and harmonize wonderfully with the Perpetual A & D as well as other Pirastro cello strings.

  • Strong: G, C
    With an increased string tension the Perpetual Strong G & C have a very powerful sound with great volume and clarity.

About Perpetual


Our engineers were faced with the challenge of developing a string using ground-breaking construction and superior material composition, while creating the machines required to achieve this. Our musical intuition and expertise allowed us to realise this milestone in our developmental work.

We approached the field of violoncello strings from an entirely new perspective: Being able to forget your surroundings and focus on playing is what inspires and comforts a cellist. Therefore the key parameters we had to meet were easy playability, long durability, and perfect string-to-string harmony.

This new idea laid the foundation for us to make changes to the materials and processing techniques so that the strings acquired a further tonal dimension. This new dimension opens up the instrument to its full tonal colours and grants the musician the technical freedom to fully focus on their play.

Perpetual strings are characterised by great flexibility and an extraordinary tonal spectrum – from a sweet, warm tone to sheer endless power, everything is possible. The sound is like a large house with plenty of room for individual design. At the same time the tone is focussed and clear, the most delicate touches are instantly audible and the base warmth always present. The natural qualities and timbre of each cello are enhanced by the strings’ great dynamics and intensity.

During the development we concentrated on reducing the break-in time. Our technicians did an impressive amount of research and analysis to develop a device for measuring the settling-in time, so each individual string can be tuned and brought to pitch before dispatch. This enables the materials used in the string to adjust and settle which reducing break-in time significantly.

Discover why following musicians favor Perpetual:

Mathias Beyer-Karlshøj, Mikayel Hakhnazaryan, Lynn Harrell, Frans Helmerson, Joel Noyes, Alessio Pianelli, Miriam Prandi, Amit Peled, Julian Schwarz, Jacob Shaw, Jeffrey Zeigler

A Steel/Chrome Steel Mittel 4/4 18.0 333120
D Steel/Chrome Steel Mittel 4/4 13.8 333220
G Rope Core/Tungsten Mittel 4/4 14.0 333320
G Rope Core/Tungsten Stark 4/4 14.6 333330
C Rope Core/Tungsten Mittel 4/4 13.5 333420
C Rope Core/Tungsten Stark 4/4 13.8 333430
SET Mittel 4/4 333020
G Soloist Rope Core/Tungsten 4/4 13.9 333380
C Soloist Rope Core/Tungsten 4/4 13.4 333480
SET Soloist 4/4 333080
G Cadenza Rope Core/Tungsten 4/4 13.5 333310
C Cadenza Rope Core/Tungsten 4/4 12.8 333410